The Chosen

The orcs and tieflings that are now living in the city of Arowyn, the capital of the plane of Ner’Zhul, are subject to the whims of The Chosen. This faction started as two that shared power in the early years of the world but after a few generations the war between them in the shadows caused for one to fall to a level where they are no longer mentioned. The other piece of the faction that still has a rare supporter here and there is called First Bloods. The Chosen received their name because they believe everyone that is pulled into this world no matter when are chosen for a reason. Many rifters, new additions to the world that have recently been stolen from their native plane, flock to the city hoping to find answers or shelter. The Chosen do not discriminate on race so long as you live by their rules.

The code of the Chosen prohibits people from trying to actively work on ways to leave the realm and as such any attempts to research extraplanar travel have been turned to ashes, literally. The followers offer their magic or life force to the crystal in the sky that they have named Mother of the Abyss. The name came about when a few of the chosen discovered that the crystal was keeping the world in tact and constantly feeding it new resources. In the early years of the world nothing new entered very often but after an invasion and mass offerings to the crystal the followers of the Chosen came to believe that the crystal had granted them a boon for their service to the world. Every year on Shadow Day, the day that the crystal is given offerings and the turn of the calendar, the Chosen gather in the center of the city and celebrate another year of the crystal granting them it’s boon and the lands they live on.


The Aarakcra and Aasimar have forged an alliance so that they could live outside the bindings of the other races. The majority of these races are part of the Nes’rok’tar which are the remnants of the invasion forces and their new additions to the cause. In the history of this plane there was a sorcerer that had traced the theft of people from his world back to this plane and had sent an invasion force of Bauriar and Aasimar to free those tethered to this world. The armies were cut off and slowly broke apart until the war was abruptly ended by the rival sorcerer being cleaved in two by a Changeling who had infiltrated their army.

The Nes’rok’tar are a fraction of what they used to be and are only safe because of their ally’s gift of flight and their flying castle. The sky castle that these races and faction occupy is lit up brightly with magic provided by the Aasimar and furnished by the surrounding woods. Under the watch of the Bauriar the forests below are capable of being farmed and supply a renewable source for building and fuel.

The goals of the Nes’rok’tar are no longer to free the races but to destroy the crystal in the sky in the hopes that it will either bring them home to their native planes or end the vile world that continues to steal people and matter from other planes.


The Darklings are the result of the Goblins, Kobolds, and Minotaur working together in an attempt to gain dominion over the starved resources of the world. The Darklings work for dark masters that change in the tides of time due to internal struggles, civil wars, and even the terrain of the mountains and underground itself consuming them. The current leader of the Darklings is a goblin with more wit and strength than twenty of its kind and has defeated the previous ruler of the Darklings in single combat. This goblin of terrifying deeds goes by the name Ruby.
Ruby has drawn in more goblins, kobolds, and minotaurs into the fold of the Darklings than any ruler before. Her goal is to usurp the right of capitol and claim dominance over all of the land that the sky crystal shines down on and everything beneath it. The Darklings are known to have the only few people to ever reach the Underside and make it back to the Overworld and live to tell. Ruby is said to be one of these people and that her powerful will and armaments are from that trip.

With the strength of the Darklings at an all time high the mountainous terrain and underground are well guarded each turn of the month when rifters appear alongside the new resources causing them to exponentially increase in strength.


Some of the races of the world are not known to coexist with the dominant ones of this world. These races have formed shanty towns that rely on Bastion for their protection and support. Bastion is the formation of champions from these various races banding together and throwing aside all racial prejudices to work towards survival.


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