Welcome.. to the evil plane Ner’Zhul and the nightmares that await.


Ner’Zhul is a plane that was created 3072 years ago by a power hungry wizard by the name of Greknar who wanted to ascend to godhood. This demonic wizard wizard used his long life to delve into the deepest depths of magic and had amassed enough resources to create the Night Crystal. He wove spell after spell into the magical weave of this crystal for centuries until it finally was ready. He began casting his incantation for 90 days straight and on the 91st day the crystal vanished and so did he. To those around him he was lost forever for this spell could not be traced.

In the plane he had summoned the crystal appeared. With the spells in place they began their work and matter was stolen from other planes and clumped together to form a continent floating in the black abyss of nothingness. The only light and source of magic floating miles above it. Many strange creatures, buildings, items, animals, minerals, and tools were stolen from other planes similar to the matter that made the continent and were thrust into this world. The first years of life were brutal but a hierarchy began. There were those that could hear the whisper of the crystal and the stories that it told. These became the Chosen, who currently reside in Umbra Sol, the self declared capital of the plane of Ner’Zhul. The mountains are occupied by the Darklings who in their numbers hoard the vast wealth of resources in them. In the hallowed forest is the Nes’rok’tar who seek to destroy the crystal in the hope it brings about their passed down prophecy. With all the vile creatures and horrors that walk this plane there are those of good nature that were stolen long ago that passed down their own teachings, these are Bastion, and they dwindle in number every year as their best champions wither away in the blighted world that is Ner’Zhul.

The world has low resources and once a month the crystal will bring new things into the world. Adventurers seek out these new items and people and bring them back to their faction, or sometimes just for themselves. The rare find is one that can wield magic as the crystal floating over Umbra Sol is fed with the magic of the inhabitants of the city in order to sustain it.

Plane of Ner'Zhul

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